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Welcome to Chiu Mo Kwoon

We are a Boston Kung Fu school dedicated to serving our community through teaching Traditional Shaolin Hung Gar, Five Elements Tai Chi, and Lion Dance. Officially Established in February of 2003, our roots extend back to 1967 when Grandmaster Winchell P.C. Woo opened the first traditional Kung Fu school in the area, The Bamboo Hut Club.

We offer 2 free Classes to try us out!
Come by at any of the classes on our schedule or contact us for more information.

Grandmaster Winchell P.C. Woo demonstrating Iron Body Chi Gung

Grandmaster Winchell P.C. Woo performs an Iron Body demonstration. This dangerous demonstration starts with 5 spears placed onto 5 acupuncture points on his body, including the throat. To show greater impact, a concrete block is broken on his back with a sledgehammer while Grandmaster Woo bends all 5 spears. This hard Chi Gung is an example of the tremendous High Level of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts being taught at our Kung Fu school.


Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa entering our Kung Fu Family

Grandmaster Woo welcoming Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, star of such movies as Mortal Kombat, Tekken, and Planet of the Apes, into our Kung Fu family. Under the tutelage of our Grandmaster Woo, Cary hopes to combine his own style of martial art with the richness of what our style can offer to spread the influence of Eastern Martial arts through the healing power of qi.

Lion Dance / Kung Fu Events


164 Lincoln St. 3rd Fl.
Boston. MA 02111
(617) 466-9811


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