Grandmaster Winchell Ping Chiu Woo

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The son of a US Marine, Sifu Woo was born in Canton City, China and spent his formative years there. He took great interest in martial arts at a very young age. It wasn't long before hard training with renowned martial artists earned him wide reputation as a highly skilled fighter. In 1960, Sifu Woo moved to Boston, Massachusetts. In 1967, he received his Grand Master Certification and in the same year, opened the Bamboo Hut Club, the first authentic Kung Fu school in Great Boston. His legendary lion dance and demonstration team gave unforgettable performances for traditional Asian festivals, community gatherings and other various functions. In the 1970s, Sifu Woo was one of the founders of the New England Kung Fu Federation. He hosted the first Beijing Wushu team in New England. Again in 1992, he hosted the Shaolin Monks in Boston during their world tour. Having practiced Kung Fu for over 50 years, Sifu Woo exemplifies that a true master never stops learning and improving. He constantly seeks to make changes and incorporate essence from other styles to enrich Hung Gar teaching. By introducing physics and philosophy into his teaching and encouraging independent thinking from his students, he has developed a unique teaching style that attracts Kung Fu learners from all over the world. Sifu Woo is a partner in several national and international companies engaged in trading, manufacturing, and entertainment. He is dedicated to teaching authentic Kung Fu out of passion. Today, Chiu Mo Kwoon remains a non-profit organization, actively contributing to the vitality and diversity of Boston Asian communities.

Awards and Certifications

Grandmaster Winchell Woo is an official representative of Hung gar for Lam Jow, Tan Kwok Wah, and the Hong Kong Association.