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Grandmaster Winchell Ping Chiu Woo

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The son of a US Marine, Sifu Woo was born in Canton City, China and spent his formative years there. He took great interest in martial arts at a very young age. It wasn't long before hard training with renowned martial artists earned him wide reputation as a highly skilled fighter. In 1960, Sifu Woo moved to Boston, Massachusetts. In 1967, he received his Grand Master Certification and in the same year, opened the Bamboo Hut Club, the first authentic Kung Fu school in Great Boston. His legendary lion dance and demonstration team gave unforgettable performances for traditional Asian festivals, community gatherings and other various functions. In the 1970s, Sifu Woo was one of the founders of the New England Kung Fu Federation. He hosted the first Beijing Wushu team in New England. Again in 1992, he hosted the Shaolin Monks in Boston during their world tour. Having practiced Kung Fu for over 50 years, Sifu Woo exemplifies that a true master never stops learning and improving. He constantly seeks to make changes and incorporate essence from other styles to enrich Hung Gar teaching. By introducing physics and philosophy into his teaching and encouraging independent thinking from his students, he has developed a unique teaching style that attracts Kung Fu learners from all over the world. Sifu Woo is a partner in several national and international companies engaged in trading, manufacturing, and entertainment. He is dedicated to teaching authentic Kung Fu out of passion. Today, Chiu Mo Kwoon remains a non-profit organization, actively contributing to the vitality and diversity of Boston Asian communities.

Awards and Certifications

Grandmaster Winchell Woo is an official representative of Hung gar for Lam Jow, Tan Kwok Wah, and the Hong Kong Association.

Head Instructors

  • Nathan Lee

    Nathan Lee studied Hung Gar Kung Fu in England for many years before moving to Boston and becoming a student of Sifu Woo. Talent and hard work have enabled him to be well versed in all aspects of the Hung Gar style. As the Head Instructor of the school, Nathan works closely with Sifu Woo in overseeing the training and development of all students. He has also become an indispensable member of the lion dance and Kung fu demonstration teams. His dedication and enthusiasm for Hung Gar Kung Fu is evident in his confident and patient guidance of all our members.

  • Ed Woodruff

    Ed Woodruff started his Kung Fu training in Praying Mantis style in 1972. In 1974, he began to study Hung Gar in Boston Chinatown and became an instructor in 1980. In 1998, Ed began his training in firearms and defensive tactics. Today he is a Law Enforcement firearms instructor and teaches in a wide variety of disciplines, including the NRA safety courses required by the state to get the license for carrying firearms. Ed brings to our Hung Gar Academy a wealth of knowledge of both hand and weapon forms. Under the guidance of Sifu Woo, he contributed greatly to the development of the new school curriculum. Currently, he is the Head Instructor in weapon forms.

  • Bill Yung

    Bill Yung started his martial arts training in 1974 in Cleveland , Ohio. Having tried various styles, he met Sifu Woo in 1986 in Springfield, Massachusetts, where he helped establish the Ping Chiu Kung Fu Academy in 1992 and became the head instructor. Bill has had extensive expience in teaching martial arts: he taught classes at Springfield College with Sifu Woo and Sensei Jack Robinson; he also helped Kevin Andrews coach the martial arts team at Western New England College. Since moving to Atlanta, Georgia in 2000, Bill has been actively teaching Hung Gar Kung Fu and lion dance at the Hip Sing Association. On May 06, 2007, Bill received the 5th degree black belt certificate from Sifu Woo and is qualified to teach both internal and external styles of Hung Gar Kung Fu, along with weapons and two-man fighting sets. Recently, with Sifu Woo's help, he founded the first Academy branch out of state.


  • Tim LaVallee

    Tim joined the Kwoon 2009. He had studied Hung Gar previously and has greatly expanded his knowledge and understanding of Hung Gar since coming under the expert tutelage of Grandmaster Woo. Tim started martial arts training when he was a teenager and has studied Judo, Matsubayshi Ryu Karate, Northern Mantis Kung fu, Tan Tui, and Yang Tai Chi. An educator by profession, Tim's love of teaching has contributed greatly to the training of our younger students.

  • Rasheed Watson

    Rasheed Watson took an early interest in Martial Arts starting out at the tender age of 7. He spent 2-3 years studying Karate until constant moving and the prospect of playing other sports like soccer, football, and basketball finally pulled him away from the arts. It was not until he reached 27 that he began searching for a Martial Arts school to join. He spent 2 years at the YMAA (Yang's Martial Arts Academy) until his yearning for something more lead him to our school. He needed a leader that would take interest in him as an individual and teach him a form of the arts that would suit him best. Rasheed found these qualities in Grand Master Winchell Woo and has made our school his home since 2005.

  • Christopher Yu - Webmaster

    Christopher attended Sifu Woo's old Springfield branch starting in 1992 and has been part of the school whenever he has been in geographic proximity. He has also attended the University of Massachusetts where he studied Tae Kwan Do and Shotokan Karate while making the time to attend tournaments and classes with the gwoon. Through Sifu Woo and the other instructors' teachings he has become a contributing member of our demo team performing lion dancing and forms.

  • Andy Berg

  • An Nguyen

  • Brian Go

  • Deb Sukeforth

  • Chris Wong

  • Jinn Kim

  • Neal Gombeski

  • Tom Olsen

Family Members

  • John Chu

    John Chu has also trained with Sifu Woo for many years. He devoted much time and effort building the Boston school and played a key role in developing the school curriculum.

    John is a quiet hard worker. With great descipline, he developed expertise in Hung Gar internal style, specializing in hard chi training and self-defense techniques. Easy-going and patient, John is also a great teacher who infuses traditional values into all aspects of training.

  • Jing Mu

    Jing Mu has trained under Sifu Woo in Boston since 2003. With years of experience in Tae Kwon Do, Jing has devoted herself to Hung Gar style which has brought her new undertanding of the arts and science of martial arts. She focuses her training on Hung Gar internal style, particularly on the Tai Chi form created by Sifu Woo. Her teaching reflects a keen desire to share with others her knowledge and understanding of martial arts and Eastern philosophy.

  • Doug Porter

    Doug Porter has trained under Sifu Woo since the Gwoon's opening in 2003. Since then he has become a dedicated student. Through his academic studies in medicine & philosophy, Doug has developed a unique perspective into the spiritual & external components of Hung Gar. He has developed a wide variety of skills including hand forms, lion dancing and Kung Fu drumming. With a friendly demeanor and constant drive to push himself and others, Doug has become a respected member of the Gwoon.

  • Wayne Yee

    In 1972, Wayne Yee was drawn to the world of martial arts not only for the physical exercise and skill but also for the sheer beauty of movement of an ancient martial art. In 1984, Wayne's understanding of martial arts was completely transformed when he was introduced to Grandmaster Winchell PC Woo, who was starting a school in Springfield MA. Wayne became one of Grandmaster Woo's first students and went on to become the Head Instructor as the school grew. He was also bestowed the honor of the Bai Si (Tea Ceremony) becoming a respected Family Member. Wayne currently studies in a private setting with Grandmaster Woo, learning 5 Elements Tai Chi and honing his Hung Gar skills. He is also a student and practitioner of Acupressure and Qigong for health and wellness, applying his knowledge and experience whenever requested. Wayne's passion for martial arts is only exceeded by his willingness to help other students.

  • Melanie Brooks

    Melanie Howell studied a blend of Tae Kwon Do, Judo, and Hapkido in Wisconsin before starting learning Hung Gar in Boston. As an assistant instructor, Melanie enjoys the various aspects of Hung Gar teachings. A passionate lion dancer, she also takes good care of all the lion heads at the school: restoring and fixing them, all in her spare time.

    Melanie would like to encouge more women to learn martial arts. In addtion to teaching self-defense, she feels that martial arts traininng can truly benefit women in many ways: physically, mentally and spiritually; it is also a lot of fun!

  • Tien Nguyen

    Tien has been a dedicated member of the school since 2005. He is a regular member of the lion dance team and enriches the school and fellow students with his unique training methods and personality. He has opened several businesses in the area and is an experienced jewler by trade. We are glad to have Tien as a contributing member of our school.

  • Jessica Yu

    Jessica attended Sifu Woo's old Springfield branch starting in 1992. While attending the University of Massachusetts she picked up epée fencing and has been doing it every since. After returning to the school in 2004 she has brought a wealth of calisthenic work outs as well as a can do attitude that brightens up the school. She has become the school's representative and announcer at our larger shows.

  • AlinaZhan

  • Chris Crogan

  • Chris Yee

  • Constanze Neumann

  • Donnie Ashe

  • Jack Chan

  • Melody Wan

  • Melvin Williams

  • Sean Thomas